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Hi there!

I'm Siyuan Fang, a design strategist.

My world revolves around design strategy, with roots deeply planted in both Design Strategy MBA and Industrial Design. I'm driven by the idea that true innovation arises from the sweet spot where empathetic design meets business strategy. This belief has shaped my ability to navigate complex challenges, turning them into chances to create solutions that matter. These solutions do more than please the eye, they also deeply resonate with people’s needs. 
Armed with a toolkit that includes initiative-taking, collaborative leadership, and an innate drive for product development, I thrive in environments that require both a detailed eye and a broad strategic vision. My expertise extends to business management and marketing strategy, reinforcing my capability to envision and effectively communicate and actualize projects that marry form with function and vision with reality.
Welcome to my space, where empathy meets innovation, and where every challenge is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference through design that thinks, feels, and cares.

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